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Engineered Visualization© (EV) is a key component of RFEI’s company strategy and technical approach to turnkey programs. RFEI’s EV presentations are highly integrated compilations of engineering data, digital images, and 3D modules and models from over ten different software packages. The “compilation” is then “packaged” into a presentation that will run on any Windows based PC or McIntosh system or can be imported to Web based media, video, or traditional print media. RFEI believes this type of technical approach is currently the best approach to create a professional EV presentation. A professional presentation and program certainly requires the right software and computer hardware, but more importantly it requires having the right team of designers and engineers knowledgeable of aircraft completion and modification practices; 3D artists and modelers experienced in the unique aspects and nuances of aircraft interiors and mods; and program managers and content publishers that can outline, manage, and produce the presentation to meet the quality goals, budget restraints, and schedule milestones.
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